Obama’s “Transparency” Proganda Thursday, Jul 30 2009 

“Transparency” Propoganda

Obama, Pelosi and Reid etc. have no problem spouting propoganda to get elected and obtain power.


Unemployment=”Healthy”? Friday, Jul 10 2009 

[Source: House GOP Conference]

Obama Administration Insists That The Economy Is Going Through a “Healthy Adjustment” As Unemployment Reaches 26-Year High of 9.5%

What the economy “is going through is a very necessary and healthy adjustment as [Americans] go back to living within their means.”

~ President Obama’s Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner (CongressDaily, 7/10/2009)

Result of Obama/Pelosi/Reid's Taxing & Spending Spree

Result of Obama/Pelosi/Reid's Taxing & Spending Spree

Birds of A Feather: Obama & Sal Alinsky Monday, Jul 6 2009 

Investor’s Business Daily’s Podcast: “How Obama Applies the Salinsky Rules”

Listen to Alec Baldwin narrate “Democratic Promise: Sal Alinsky”

Father of the “Community Organizer Movement, Communist Sal Alinksy, derides PRAYER.

Rush was Right: Obama Playbook Monday, Jul 6 2009 

Rush was Right!

Listen to his November 6, 2008 broadcast:

Rush cites the following: