Related to the WSJ front page headline today:Obama Backs Health Surtax”

Impact? See the blog post below. Go here for all 50 states.

Chart: How 5.4% Surtax Hits Small Business, State by State

See how your business will be affected

See how your business will be affected

Rep. Charlie Rangel of New York and other House Democrats propose to pay for their $1.3 trillion bill to create government-run health care with a 5.4 percent surtax on 2.04 million high-income Americans — about half of them small business owners. Americans would face European-style taxes, paying top rates that – combined with local and state taxes – exceed those of economic competitors such as Germany and Japan. Taxpayers in Italy, Spain and even France pay lower rates. And that’s not all: President Obama would have the power to increase the surtax.